Part time job in chittagong for student

Part time job in chittagong for student - The main divisional city of our country is Chittagong. Many people live in Chittagong city. Chittagong city has almost the biggest architecture of Bangladesh. You must also be living in Chittagong city. You can get jobs in different sectors in Chittagong city. But for full time job you have to do 12 hours duty every day.

Part time job in chittagong for student

But we always want to have a part time job along with studies. But many people do not know that part time job can be done in any sector in Chittagong city.

Part time job in chittagong for student

A child from a middle-class family cannot survive or grow by studying alone. This is because if a child wants he cannot take all his expenses from his family. Because his family has various problems. This problem is more common among children of middle class families. They cannot spend as much money as they want for education. As a result, a child of a middle-class family is always running after a job.

Hope you are one of those people. However, you can easily earn a lot of money through part-time jobs or online along with your studies. And you can earn money in a short time if you see our article till the end.

Part-time job offers you various benefits. Part time job will earn you money as well as experience. Again if you are connected with job from student life. Then surely you don't have to think about job in future. For this reason, considering all aspects, a student must have a part-time job.

There are many students who think that part time jobs will harm their studies. This is a misconception. A part-time job means a job done alongside studies or other jobs. So it is said that working in the time after studying is called part time job. From this it can be said that there will be no harm to the student if he works part time.

Basically those who work full-time during student life are likely to lose their education. But when you work part time for four to five hours daily. But then there will be no possibility of any loss of studies.

Life shows us that there are many students who spend their free time in mobile and Facebook. But if a student can utilize his free time properly. Then there will be an additional income with experience. That is because all the students are living in Chittagong city. You must know about Part time job in chittagong for student. Let's see if you can get a part time job in Chittagong city. 

Private tuition Job:

I hope you understand what private tuition means? There is no shortage of schools in our Chittagong district. Many students study in every educational institution. And they all need teachers. So you can understand that if you are a good student now then you can also do private tuition if you want. If you live towards the village then your demand will increase.

In the first instance, if you do private tutoring at home, you can become known as a reputed tutor. If you become a famous tutor then you can open your own coaching center and earn a lot of money by tutoring.

Moreover, reputed tutors get offers to work as tutors in various quality coaching centers. Such tutors can earn a smart amount per hour.

There are different types of private tutoring you can do. You can teach students of different classes by going from house to house. If you are good in Maths and English, then you will get this job easily. Moreover, tuition is very popular in various subjects including physics, chemistry, accounting. If you are proficient in any of the above subjects then getting tuition will not be a problem for you.

Tuition is one of the main means of earning money in student life. You will find many students in Chittagong city who are looking for tutors. So if you get two tuitions. Then you can earn minimum 6000 rupees per month. If you want to do a part time job in Chittagong along with your studies, then you must start with tuition.

I have never underestimated private tuition. Because private tuition is not the only source of income for a student. Those who do tutoring are more intelligent than a normal student. When you teach students from different classes, you will become very proficient in that subject, which will be very useful in your job interviews later.

This is very common in student life, a privately tutored student can do better in any job interview than another non-private tutored student. I am the real proof of this. It was only because of private tutoring that I was able to score well in various job tests during job interviews.

Ride sharing:

Hope you understand ride sharing. Many consider this a shameful act. Especially students. In fact, no task is too small. Various types of ride sharing are now being done using technology. You must have heard of Uber and Pathao. These are the most popular ride sharing platforms in Bangladesh. Here you can ride through mobile app and earn money as a rider yourself.

Many students do not want to do such work due to shyness. This is the main problem of the people of our country. If you want to do something, you give priority to what people will say without thinking about your condition. You will never improve your situation by worrying about what people will say.

Part time jobs for students

You can work part-time as a tour guide in various famous expensive hotels, restaurants, fashion houses and tourist areas. Those who have smartness in their behavior and speech, they can manage this kind of part-time job very easily.

If women want, they can easily work in different big cosmetic shops and fashion designers and big cloth markets. You can easily earn 10-12 thousand taka per month by working 4-5 hours daily in this kind of market. The biggest advantage is that these institutions have the opportunity to choose the time according to their own convenience.


Photography is a very interesting and demanding profession. Photography is in high demand both online and offline. If you have a dslr camera you can do photography very easily.

If you have experience in photography, apart from DSLR camera, you can earn money by doing photography by working on contract in various photo studios. Because taking professional photos in photo studio requires a lot of quality photographers.

You may have often seen that a photographer is hired only to take pictures at various wedding events. A good photographer is needed to capture the various moments of the wedding in the frame.

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For photography in big weddings, photo studios demand 30-50 thousand taka. In this case, if you are a good photographer, you can keep in touch with different studios. They will call you at different times to work on different occasions

Moreover, there is a lot of demand for photography in the online market at present. If you have good quality photos, you can sell them on various freelancing marketplaces. If you go to Fiver Marketplace you will find many such jobs.

If you have no experience in photography, you can become experienced with a 7-day training from any photography institute. Also, it will be better for you to learn Photoshop for photo editing.

There are some tools available online to make your photos more attractive after taking them, make your photos more beautiful and earn money by selling them online.

Part time job at home

Part time job at home


YouTube is one such platform where you can upload any type of video. YouTube is now quite popular in terms of online income. You can earn money online by working on the subject you are passionate about.

Since you are a student you can create a YouTube channel here and make videos based on your experience and upload them on YouTube to earn money. If you are good at Maths or English, you can make videos on that subject. When your video gets a lot of views, you can earn money in various ways including Google Adsense and Affiliate.

There are many job opportunities for female students especially on YouTube . If you are passionate about cooking, fashion, style and fitness, you can make various recipes and videos about fitness and upload them on YouTube. Such videos get a lot of views on YouTube. Because people from all walks of life are interested in knowing these things.

I don't think much needs to be said about YouTube. Because now everyone knows more or less about YouTube. We have shared a detailed post on our blog about how to earn from YouTube. If you read the post, then you can know all the ways to earn from YouTube.

Nowadays YouTube platform is very popular. From education to entertainment, you will find all kinds of videos on YouTube. Many people are making money using YouTube. YouTube videos occupy a huge space online. Now people prefer watching videos more than reading blogs.

So friends, if you are also skilled in a subject, then you can make a video on that subject and upload it on YouTube. You will be surprised to know that most of the YouTubers today are students. Suddenly most of the YouTubers are doing YouTube along with their studies and earning a lot of money from it.

If you are looking for ways to earn money as a student then YouTube is a very good platform for that. Here you can upload videos as per your wish. And by following some rules of YouTube you can monetize your channel and earn a lot of money with AdSense. Friends, you can earn money from here by YouTubeing along with your studies.


Foodpanda is one of the online food delivery platforms nowadays. You can hire as a Foodpanda rider. When a person orders food on Foodpanda. Then many people are needed to deliver the food. Those who do food delivery work are called Riders. You can also join Foodpanda as a rider.

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All you need is a smartphone and a bicycle to work at Foodpanda. Also if you have a bike you can earn more money. In Foodpanda you can work as per your own wish. That is, the more you deliver, the more money you will earn.

There are foodpander institutions in various district upazilas in and around Chittagong city. If you have a bicycle and a good smartphone. Then you can earn a minimum of 10 thousand rupees per month by working in Foodpanda. Which will be your source of additional income.


Education rate in Bangladesh is increasing gradually. The number of educated people in the country is increasing, but the government is not able to provide jobs in that proportion. And the government of Bangladesh will not be able to give jobs to all the educated people of this country even if they try. Because the government does not have enough jobs to provide one job to every family in this small country of 1,47,570 square kilometers. 

For that reason, the government has now arranged training on freelancing in various government institutions to employ the educated. If you have no idea about freelancing, you can learn from any organization in no time.

As there are not enough job openings, freelancing has become very popular among students as an alternative career these days. Currently there are around one million freelancers in Bangladesh. This number is constantly increasing. There are no specific categories in freelancing. Here you can work completely independently.

As a student, you can do freelancing in the work that you have skills and experience in. Web design and development, graphics design, SEO, online marketing, logo design and product management are in high demand in freelance marketplaces. Apart from these, if you are good at writing, you can earn money by freelancing through writing.

Selling the product:

If you have your own products, you can now sell them from home if you want. If you have a Facebook page, you can highlight the good aspects of your product on that Facebook page and post it on the Facebook page. 

Moreover, by boosting your product on Facebook, you can easily reach any product to people. If your product is good, people will buy your product. Because there is no end to people's need for products in daily life.

Generally, the popularity of digital products is very high when it comes to earning income by selling products at home. Because there is no risk of spoilage. A big advantage is that they can be returned to the company if they cannot be sold. 

If you search online, you will understand yourself, what kind of products are currently sold more in the online market. All you need to do is do some internet research.

I have a younger brother who saves some money himself and buys digital goods with that money and sells them through Facebook. He always sells good quality products to customers with great reliability. For which everyone appreciates its products and many people are buying them now.

If you don't have any product of your own, you can earn money through commission by selling other products. There are various types of affiliate markets where you can earn commission by selling products created in your account.


This was our detailed discussion about Part time job in chittagong for student. Hope you have read today's article carefully. All the students and unemployed youth living in Chittagong city. The above mentioned jobs are much needed for them.

You can do the above mentioned four jobs in Chittagong city. If one wants to do part time job besides studies then one can do any of the above jobs. If you have any comments about Part time job in chittagong for student please comment. Visit our website regularly to be the first to get updates on various such topics.
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