Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh

Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh - Today we will discuss about Instant cash loan. We often need money suddenly for various reasons. That's why we often need a loan. But if you want to take a loan from the bank, it takes a long time, about 10 - 15 days.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh

For that you can take instant cash loan through Bkash app in just 5 minutes. Below we are discussing how to take loan from Bkash app.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh

Instant cash loan provided by Citibank through Bkash. Loans can be availed from Bkash in just 1 hour. With the Bkash app, a loan of up to 500 - 20,000 taka can be availed in just a few minutes.

However, if you want to take instant cash loan from Bkash app, you have to follow some conditions. Which we have discussed below. Below is the detailed information.

Bkash Loan Eligibility

You have to accept some conditions to get a loan of Tk 20 thousand from Bkash. Bkash used to give a loan of 10 thousand Tk earlier. Now it has improved to 20 thousand rupees. The terms and conditions for taking a loan from Bkash are given below.

  • If Bkash app is regularly used or regularly transacted.
  • Bkash account completed e-KYC through biometric method
  • If using the long-term development app.
The more transactions done through the Bkash app, the more eligible you will be for the loan. The more you use the Bkash app and the more transactions you make, the more you qualify for Bkash loans.

Benefits of Bkash loans

According to the Bkash company, a customer can take a loan from 500 taka to 20,000 taka from City Bank through the Bkash app. But they said a customer can take only one loan at a time. An interest rate of 9% per annum will be applicable on the loan amount as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines.

The Taka of this loan will be deposited in the customer's Bkash account, and the customer can withdraw the loan money from the Bkash account. You don't have to submit any paper to the bank for that. You don't even have to go to the bank for any work.

You can take loan without any problem. No kind of documents, evidence etc. will be required. You just need to have your Bkash account verified. And talk to development agents.

Or you can take this loan from Citibank. Take all your NID details of Bkash Account to Citibank then you will be given loan if everything is fine.

Why take a loan from City Bank through Bkash App?

  • You will get the loan as soon as you apply
  • 3 months term loan
  • No bank account or collateral required
  • Auto-installment facility from account balance
  • No paperwork required
  • Bank processing fee on loan is 0.575% (0.5% + VAT)

Who will get development loan facility?

City Bank will provide this loan facility to certain development customers. Bkash will provide loan facility as per lending policy.

You can check if you can get a loan from City Bank as a Bkash customer by going to the loan option of the Bkash app.

For that you download Bkash app. And if you are already using this app then update it again from play store. Then go to loan option of Bkash app and see if you can take loan.

The authority to determine the processing fee, loan limit, interest rate, loan repayment terms, loan eligibility, and credit policy is reserved by City Bank as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines.

Those who do not get Bkash loans

Many people ask whether I am eligible for bkash loan. Actually, this is very difficult to say. There is no way to verify this. Only you can know whether you will get bkash loan.

For that you need to download Bkash app first. And if you are already using Bkash app then you need to update it.

Apart from this you will not get Bkash loan if you do not follow the terms and conditions. E-KYC to be done through biometric system. For that you can take help from bkash agent. 

Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh - bkash loan system

Bkash Loan system will automatically verify customer details and confirm loan availability for Bkash loan disbursement. If bkash loan system says you are eligible for loan then you can collect your loan in following ways.

  • First you need to download the Bkash app.
  • Then go to "More" option in Bkash app.
  • Then tap on the "Loan" icon.
  • Citibank has to agree with all the information.
  • Here you can see how much money the customer can get as loan automatically.
  • Tap the Continue button to go to the next step.
  • Read the loan guidelines and terms and tap “Agree”.
  • Customer has to provide Bkash account PIN to confirm the loan.
  • Tap on the develop icon one last time to complete the process.

This way you can take loan from bkash app.

Bkash Loan Repayment System

  • While applying for bkash loan or after receiving bkash loan, customer can see the loan installment amount and repayment date on the dashboard.
  • If the customer wants, a specific amount will be deducted from the customer's Bkash account as an auto debit on the specified date of loan repayment. Or, if the customer wants, he can pay off the loan himself before the specified date, thereby benefiting from a reduction in interest costs.
  • If there is not enough money in the customer's Bkash account on the due date and the loan amount is not repaid by the customer before the due date, late fee will be applicable.
  • The rate of late fee is 2% per annum on the loan amount.

Interest rates on Bkash loans

Bkash loan interest rate is 9% per annum. If you repay your loan on time or within a specified period, your interest rate will be lower.

What if you can't pay the loan on time?

A message will be sent to the customer's Bkash account before the due date to repay the Bkash loan. A late fee will apply if the Bkash loan is not repaid on time. 2% (per annum) on your total loan will be added as late fee.

If you fail to repay the loan on time then you will not be given a loan in the future. Because they record these bad behaviors.

Apart from this, legal action will be taken against you if you misbehave with them or do not repay the loan on time.

FAQ - Bkash Loan

How to Bkash loan?

For that you first login to your Bkash account from bkash app. Then apply for a loan by clicking on this loan icon.

Minimum and maximum amount of Taka loan can be taken?

Whenever you get a loan from Bkash app, you can take a loan from 500 Taka to 20,000 Taka.

What is the interest rate of Bkash loan in Citibank?

Bkash loan interest rate in City Bank is 9% as per Bangladesh Bank norms.

How long is the Bkash loan tenure?

Bkash loan tenure is only 3 months. You have to repay Bkash loan Taka in 3 equal installments in 3 months.

How much interest should be paid per thousand for 3 months?

You have to pay Rs.15 per thousand for 3 months.

Are there any loan processing fees in this case?

There are no loan processing fees as of now.

In what manner and how often will the interest be calculated?

Daily interest will be calculated at compound rate. Only interest will be charged on your outstanding loan for as long as you use the loan. If you pay off the loan early before the due date, your interest amount will also be lower.

Are there penalty interest rates for late payments?

Yes, Citibank penalty for late payment. The interest rate is 2% per annum.

What happens if you don't pay the Bkash loan?

City Bank will take necessary action against you as per Bangladesh Bank regulations including reporting your information to Bangladesh Bank

Who is giving the loan City Bank or Bkash?

As a Bkash user, you will apply for a loan from Citibank through Bkash. Citibank digital loan will be disbursed to your Bikash account.

Urgent money loan in Bangladesh

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Instant cash loan in 1 hour - Conclusion

Here ends our article "Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh". Content creators of this website want to share new information and tips to inform or teach everyone.

We hope that our Instant cash loan in 1 hour in Bangladesh article has benefited you a lot. In this article you can know how to get instant loan from Bkash.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour If there is any wrong information in this article, please let us know by commenting below.
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